Violin, piano recital at lunch-hour

The Rhodesian Academy of Music’s lunch-hour concert yesterday featured a recital by Ann Stirling (violin) and Winifred Carr (piano).

Ann Stirling is a reliable, musical performer, and her account of Handel’s Sonata No. 13 was forthright and steady. Occasional swooping marred the general tidiness of her delivery.

The rest of the programme was pretty lightweight. Encore items do not usually hold much interest unless played with the style and authority of a virtuoso, and in any case they do not make a good basis for a programme.

Dvorak’s “Songs my Mother taught me”, showed Mrs. Stirling’s warm-toned playing to advantage. Indifferent playing by Winfred Carr, however, suggested that she had not fully prepared the items she chose. It was a pity that she performed them publicly at this stage.

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