When Marshall died, his parents received many hundreds of condolence letters, telegrams and phone calls. As these revealed facets of his personality and how much he had meant to others and to the Rhodesian community, below are excerpts showing his humour, his brilliance and talents, his gentleness and kindness, and his rare quality of befriending all.

He was a passionate exponent of the rights of the vast majority of the underprivileged African population.

Abe Abrahamson, former mayor, Bulawayo

…standing out vividly are his warm smile, friendliness, humor, and gentleness.

Josie Adler, Johannesburg

I cannot describe to you what a loss Marshall will be to the artistic world – as well as desperately as a friend. We feel his death is going to leave a great gap in many facets of life in Bulawayo.

Jean Banks, Rhodesia Art Gallery, Bulawayo

Marshall’s contribution to this world was far far greater than many men who would live a longer span of years.

Pat Barnes, Bulawayo

I always had the greatest regard for his ability in the legal field, and envied his immense talents in the fields of art and music.

Don Briers, Bulawayo

Marshall’s gentle mind was known by his gentle deeds and, although he lived in circumstances which often he found unattractive, his daily life still breathed out gentle music which blessed so very many about him and inspired happiness. Marshall has woven an indestructible fibre – with great humour – into the fabric of this country, especially in social outlook and understanding of music and art, admirably and in so brief a lifetime.

Heather Creswell, Bulawayo

I recall with great pleasure many happy hours spent with him in the “Old Days” at the Music Club and at Zionist Youth meetings. His smile and sense of humor is what I shall remember most of those times.

Ronnie & Gwen Ellman, Bulawayo

To have the courage of his convictions, as he did, is a singular attribute in this day.

Derek Gawler, Chiredzi

So humorous and sympathetic, talented and able – and so much too soon.

Gert Guttmann, Israel

Perhaps it might help you to know how loved Marshall was by so many people of all races, everywhere, and in all walks of life. His interests were so wide, varied, and his knowledge of the arts so extensive that his life enriched all of us.

Betty & Robert Halster, Bulawayo

His mere presence here was enough to ensure that none of us gave less than our best as artists. In particular, he lifted the art of music criticism to a plane out of all proportion to the size and location of Bulawayo. His columns could have graced the arts pages of the London papers with ease. Not that I always agreed with him! But I always looked forward keenly to read what he had to say, and valued his praise enormously. The music scene will never be the same.

Derek Hudson, Conductor, Bulawayo Philharmonic Orchestra

We, the Brown Rhodesians here, lost a dear friend.

Amina Hughes, Bulawayo

He was a wonderful and outstanding character for whom I felt great admiration, not only for his many and varied talents, but also for his kindheartedness and chivalrous character. He never let an opportunity pass of doing a kindness to his fellow beings.

Cissie Kaplan, Bulawayo

Marshall had that rare quality if sympathy for people, which made one immediately respond with love and warmth.

Peggy Klein, Johannesburg

We had immense admiration for Marshall’s many talents. He was blessed with many gifts and was so compassionate. His loss will be deeply felt by innumerable people in many walks of life.

Basil Kaufman, Bulawayo

Marshall had a great love and compassion for everything living, all things beautiful and the light of his great spirit which has touched us all. He gave so much of himself.

Gill Kaufman, Bulawayo

Marshall had that rare quality if sympathy for people, which made one immediately respond with love and warmth.

Peggy Klein, Johannesburg

Marshall was and is one of God’s rare spirits. He enriched those who brushed shoulders with him.

June Lawson, Bulawayo

There are countless people who have been fortunate enough to have known Marshall, and who have gained benefit through his extreme kindness and unselfish generosity. He gave of himself more than most, and his passing was a great loss to our society. He was a lovely great man.

Christopher Lemeurier, Resident Magistrate, Beit Bridge

Marshall was beloved by all who knew and worked with him, and was a man of so many talents, with a love and sympathy for the underdog.

Moira &Paddy Lloyd, Bulawayo

It is good to know that his work as an artist has found such acclaim and, at the same time, he was so well liked for himself.

June & Raymond Maxwell, Salisbury (Harare)

His was a rare and lovely spirit – the world and this community in particular will be the poorer for his passing.

Frances & Pamela McGuinmuir, Bulawayo

I shall miss Marshall terribly, for, like so many people, I regarded him as a special friend, continually found his company stimulating and enjoyable, and believe he was one of those rare people who brought intelligence, colour and brightness into many of our humdrum lives.

Eric Mcnair, Bulawayo

Marshall was a light in this somber community and we will all miss him, his contributions to beauty and especially his stand for the rights of all. He was undoubtedly a personality on the Bulawayo scene…. I have fine memories of taking part in radio discussions organized by the Law Society. When Marshall was a member of the panel he could always be relied on to introduce the humorous touch.

Jean & Ralph Montgomery, Senator, Salisbury (Harare)

We remember him as a small boy with his gramophone and records, entertaining his friends with classical music.

Jennie & Vivie Orkin, Vanderbijlpark, South Africa

He always struck me as being a fine type of young man who, with all his qualifications and cultural assets, had a great future in store for him as one of the upcoming leaders in Rhodesia.

Jack Palmer, Bulawayo

We have one of Marshall’s paintings in our home. It has always been a treasure and gives us great joy and I am sure that everyone who has one of his works will feel as we do, very privileged and proud. How lucky we are to have it.

Gene & Lynne Rally, Salisbury (Harare)

… Marshall was the most sympathetic and knowledgeable artist in this country.

Wendy Rosselli, Salisbury (Harare)

He was always so unselfishly kind and cheerful, and in all his talent and knowledge so patient and modest towards those of us less gifted. We shall miss Marshall’s warmth and sensitivity. And Bulawayo will be without a challenge in the spheres of art. Marshall gave so much to our community in the art world. Even the simplest music lover was stimulated by his music critiques.

Elizabeth Rowony, Bulawayo

A unique exceptional man who sought for peace, tranquility, harmony and beauty.

Schur family, Bulawayo

No one could know Marshall and not love him – a brilliant, and most endearing man.

Margaret & Eric Scott-Russell, Bulawayo

Marshall was an outstanding individual, a rare character, a man of unusual courage.

Dulce & Michael Silver, Bulawayo

On behalf of the Ndebele family I convey our condolences to the Baron family on the loss of one of their beloved members of the family.

P.F. Sndebele, Bulawayo

In this materialistic world, it was refreshing to have contact with someone who was concerned with true values – with matters of the intellect and the soul. Marshall will be long remembered by the many people of every sort of strata and from every walk of life who had the privilege of knowing him. His contribution to the cultural and social life of Bulawayo were inestimably valuable and he will be sadly missed.

John Sterling, Bulawayo

He had very many human qualities and was a most sympathetic, kind person. He treated all people the same, whoever they were, and we admired his completely fearless championing of the underdog.

Anne Stirling, Bulawayo

Marshall was a likable person and made many friends because of his simplicity and varied interests and activities. He was a public-spirited person and befriended many people because of this quality and liberal ideas.

Prag. R. Vaghmaria, Bulawayo

Marshall has taken with him all his ideas that are so dear to him – his art, his music, and above all the warmth of his heart which radiated so much love for all who knew him.

Joan & Henryk Venter, Bulawayo

… we will all remember his smiling face of understanding, goodness, help to others, to many persons in the city of Bulawayo. His name and work for others will never be forgotten.

M.W. Wilson, Samuel & W.F. Wilson, Georgee, Bulawayo

I have always loved Marshall very dearly because he was so kind and thoughtful – he did so much to alleviate the problems of humanity and he will be sadly missed by so many.

Aili Wilson, Gwaai River Hotel

Marshall was such a beautiful, kind, gentle and creative person. The world is a much better place for all who knew him.

Lionel & Nancy Wulfsohn

He was a brilliant man in many fields and was always a perfect gentleman.

John Wrathall, President of Rhodesia

This page has been compiled by Beverly Caplan.