Vote Thebe

Vote Thebe was born in 1953 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He joined the staff of Bulawayo Art Gallery in 1975 and works as the exhibition officer. He has had exhibitions in Zimbabwe, Gabarone, Mozambique, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Zambia. He was also a guest artist in Denmark, Sweden and other countries. He studied at the Mizilikazi Arts and Crafts Center in Bulawayo and has done a course with the Commonwealth Association of Museums in Alberta Canada. He works with book publishers and designs covers for writers like Yvonne Vera and others. He is also a member of the Visual Arts Association of Bulawayo.

Amongst his Awards and Achievements are:

  • 1979-3rd prize of the Scrap Iron Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe.
  • 1982-2nd prize Weldart Exhibition; 1990-Award of Merit, Zimbabwe Heritage exhibition.
  • 1997-President’s Award of Distinction in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Heritage.
  • 1999-Won the artists against poverty [UNDP].
  • 2003 & 2006-The best service in visual arts from NAMA.