One Man Shows

1962Everyman’s Studio, Bulawayo, Rhodesia..
1964Gallery 101, Johannesburg, South Africa.
1967Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa.
1968Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa.
1973Lidchi Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa
1975South African Association of Arts Gallery, Pretoria, South Africa
1976Pretoria Bank Gallery, South Africa.
1978Marshall Baron Retrospective Exhibition, Bulawayo Art Gallery, Rhodesia.
1978Tribute to Marshall Baron 1934 – 1977, Gallery Delta, Salisbury, Rhodesia.
1986Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings by Marshall Baron Bulawayo Art Gallery, Rhodesia.
1992Retrospective Exhibition/Sale of Paintings by Marshall Baron Bulawayo Art Gallery, Rhodesia.
2008Marshall Baron 30 Year Retrospective, Gebo Art Space, Tel Aviv, Israel.
2015Call me Back: Celebrating the Life of Marshall Baron 1934 – 1977,National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo

Group Shows

1960Bulawayo Art Club, Rhodesia.
1967International Exhibition, South African Association of Artists Gallery, Pretoria, South Africa.
1967Norwall House, Bulawayo, Rhodesia.
1968Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa.
1968Skowhegan State Fair Art Exhibition, Skowhegan School of Art, Maine, USA.
1969Naakes Gallery, Bulawayo, Rhodesia.
1971Bulawayo Branch National Gallery of Rhodesia – Small Invitation Exhibition.
1975Naakes Gallery, Bulawayo, Rhodesia.
1976Ned-Art Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa. – Select Rhodesian Exhibition.
1976Gallery Delta, Salisbury, Rhodesia.- Select Bulawayo Exhibition.
2005Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe – “Art Heritage”.

Annual Shows – Baron works exhibited on all:

1963 – 1974National Gallery of Rhodesia Annual Exhibitions in Salisbury & Bulawayo.
1970 – 1977Rhodesia Society of Artists Annual Exhibition, Bulawayo & Salisbury, Rhodesia.
1969Group Exhibition, Rhodesian Society of Artists – First Annual Exhibition.
1973Group Exhibition, Rhodesian Society of Artists – Fourth Annual Exhibition.
1975Group Exhibition, Rhodesian Society of Artists – Sixth Annual Exhibition.
1976Group Exhibition, Rhodesian Society of Artists – Seventh Annual Exhibition.
1977Group Exhibition, Rhodesian Society of Artists – Eighth Annual Exhibition.

Permanent Collections

1969 & 1970Works purchased by National Gallery of Rhodesia for Permanent Collection.
1992Thirty four (34) of his paintings bequeathed to the Bulawayo Art Gallery by his parents, Rachel & Ben Baron.
2017The painting “Navigator’s Spectrum” is hanging in the US Institute of Peace in Washington D.C. It was donated by Chester A. Crocker in memory of his wife and Marshall’s sister, Saone Baron Crocker.

Private Collections

Marshall Baron’s website displays 344 paintings that are known to us. Most of them are in private collections in Australia, Botswana, Canada, France, Israel (111), South Africa, United Kingdom, United States (110), Zimbabwe (61). The location and ownership of some 40 of them is unknown. Others are in permanent collections such as at the Zimbabwe National Gallery of Art in Harare and Bulawayo, the University of British Columbia, in schools and libraries in Bulawayo

Design of Sets

1972Designed and executed original sets for Ballet “Nnogawuse”.