1964 | Gallery 101 | Johannesburg South Africa

One Man Exhibition

Article in a Johannesburg newspaper, name unknown 1964, “First Solo Show Here”.

Although represented in the collection of several South Africans, Marshall Baron who lives in Bulawayo is virtually unknown on the gallery circuit here. Now he breaks into the business with his first Johannesburg one man show which opens on Monday.

Two years ago Marshall Baron (who is the music critic of the Bulawayo Chronicle) held his first one man show.

He described his style of painting as “not objective” and said: “I try to intensify people’s feelings about a particular object or situation.”

He has exhibited paintings in group shows in Cape Town and Bulawayo.

Baron’s first Johannesburg one man show of paintings will be opened on Monday at 5.45 p.m.
Article in The Star, Johannesburg 25. 2.64, Art Show: “Music inspires these abstracts” by the Art Critic.
Marshall Baron, of Rhodesia, whose paintings hand in Gallery 101, has three professions, or maybe, one and two subsidiaries: law, music and art.

His exhibition, however, is far from being what one might expect from a legal, factual mind; nor is it exactly the painting of a man whose only vocation has been art.

Music enters into it, for he is said to be influenced in his work largely by Bach and Bartok. And since music is the most purely “abstract” of the arts his paintings naturally follow the abstract convention.

Heavily Modelled

His colour is often interesting and sometimes even exciting. It is generally based on a heavily modelled ground.

“Matopos Reverie” – one of a few paintings inspired by the visible natural world – has all the qualities of a good abstract, in which the forms of the famous rocks are used to build up a strong, satisfying colour composition.

Another admirable work is the darkly blue well-constructed painting next to the windows.

The general effects of this exhibition is bold and striking if sometimes a little puzzling.