1973 | Rhodesia

Group Exhibition
Rhodesian Society of Artists
The Fourth Annual Exhibition

Artists: Marshall Baron and other artists

Newspaper article, The Sunday News, Art section, 1973, “Good work – but lacking numbers and enterprise”, by Frodo Rhodesian Society of Artists – Fourth Annual Exhibition

The annual exhibitions of the Rhodesian Society of Artists in the past has always attained a high level both of talent and diversity; this year’s collection, however, is undeniably disappointing, not only in that so many well-known names are missing from the catalogue, but also in that barely enough work to give the walls a reasonable fullness seems to have been submitted.

…Two of Marshall Baron’s large canvases attract the eye, and here a gleam of impish humour gives both depth and meaning to this well-known painter’s customarily opaque style; perhaps the “Yeti” just has the edge over “Christopher Robin” in that its complex of images accepts one’s eye and one’s mind more nearly together, but both paintings are effective in purpose and execution, and they are in fact among his best.