1976 | National Gallery of Rhodesia | Salisbury Rhodesia

Group Exhibition
Rhodesian Society of Artists
The Seventh Annual Exhibition

Artists: Marshall Baron and other artists

Extract from a newspaper article, The Rhodesian Herald, Thursday July 8 1976, “Exhilarating range of work”

Seventh Annual Exhibition of the Rhodesian Society of Artists, National Gallery of Rhodesia, King’s Crescent.

SALISBURY viewers are subjected to many dreary exhibitions of indifferently executed work. From Matabeleland comes a show that is exhilarating because it is filled with an exciting range of approaches to subject and provides evidence of creative use of media.

Credit must go to the selectors for weeding out technically inferior and commercially orientated work.

There are some Salisbury artists represented, but the vast majority of exhibits come from Bulawayo where the Rhodesian Society of Artists is based.

Marshall Baron contributes three large canvases. They owe their vitality to his ability to co-ordinate texture, colour and shape. They stress the importance of involvement in the physical act of painting, often overlooked by those pursuing the depiction of the illusion of the exterior environment.