Exciting Command of Violin

Musical annals instance many cases of child prodigies who have failed to mature into significant adult artists. On his showing last night at Bulawayo small City Hall, violinist Vincent Frittelli promises to prove a happy exception.

His youthful brio has become a confident and at times exciting command of his instrument, and if there are still occasional signs of immaturity in matters of taste, these are not disturbing.

It is to be hoped that Bulawayo will have an opportunity to hear him on his own.

Last night’s concert which was organized by the Marsicano School of Music, included contributions by two other guest artists – soprano Molly Jakins, who sang with some charm but occasional over-emphasis, and Pino Patorno, who sang loudly and quickly.

The remainder of the rather long program was given over to pupils of the school. C. Martin showed considerable sensitivity and F. Hannaford a promising technique, but neither was ready to perform the Beethoven movements that each chose.

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