Recital by young City violinist

Because Beverley Bouwer (better known perhaps as Beverley Shinn) is widely considered to be one of the most promising of Bulawayo’s younger violinists, the impression of inadequate preparation conveyed by her lunch-hour recital organized by the Academy of Music yesterday at the City Hall was disappointing.

Her capability and potential as a performer were amply demonstrated in her performance of the first movement of Schumann’s Sonata in A Minor, which was warm-toned, firm of intonation ad projected with thought and feeling.


Beethoven’s Romance in F was played with erratic rhythm and undue portamenty and the technical tricks in harmonics glissandi and double stopping demanded by Kreisler in the “Capriccio Viennoise” were not mastered with sufficient security.

Bartok’s Six Roumanian Dances were played with spirit.

An able accompaniment was provided by Anne Visser.

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